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Letter To The Gods

Why do we all like each other so much?

Are we really that alone?

I mean, think about all the little annoyances still nabbing at your brain from those wrongs you've committed that you can't even forgive yourself for to this day.

And amidst that constant confusion, we sometimes even have to go out of our way to tell the world (ourselves) that we are "good people that do too damn much for others to be getting treated this way" because we actually fulfill whatever this need is to convince the world (ourselves again) that we actually ARE good people.

How fucking low is that?

And we were all created equal, or evolved equal, or whatever the kids are into these days, but I truly do believe we are all equal, not the same, but equal, so every single person you see (and don't see) also has a conscience with their whole own set of demons and personal predispositions.

And I'm not saying everyone has the same amount of skeletons in their closet, some individuals are even blessed (cursed) with bigger closets with hidden compartments and the works.

So pretty much, we are 7.154 billion confused, horny savages stuck in denial flying through space at a rate of speed our tiny brains can't even begin to truly fathom while we're fighting and fucking the pain away through a lifetime that will be forgotten eventually no matter how hard we try.

If that's what you think completely, you're wrong.

No one knows the exact number (I've done my research) of truly good people there are in this world today because most of the time, they get no spotlight, but they seek none, because only a selfish fool offers help and expects anything in return. 

But these Good People do truly exist, they are anywhere and everywhere at all times helping us through this haphazard reality we have constructed for ourselves.

Suffice it to say that I think that's why we like each other so much. It's because we truly do believe that good exists, even when it's hard to believe in anything, because we ALL have this inherent goodness inside of us already, which always keeps it within reach.

So you got cheated, stolen from, lied to and disrespected, but that means you gave somebody your trust and respect, and even though they didn't deserve to have it given to them, you deserved to give it to somebody.

So congratulations, and thank you for still believing in the rest of us scum.


-The Degenerates

A Moment

A moment for a moment

i'll share with you

Every second you allow

i've only seen a human like you once before

And she taught me what to look for

Taught me that love comes first

That a smile is strength

And that family is the foundation

That the world is built on

Despite what they might tell you

So let me into your dreams

i know you're not afraid of doing this alone

But you make me better

So let me be selfish

i want to grow in your sunshine

White Horse and a Carriage


The only thing that matters is being self-sustaining

Everything you come across takes something from you

And if they really dig you, they expect you to give freely



i just am not sure i am capable

That's why this love thing is so tricky

There's never enough time to mourn the last

Before the next requires full dedication

And this one even has a clear timeline

If we can make it to the end of this summer

We won't make it to the end of the next one

And she knows it

That's the reason for the proximity talks and Rhianna songs

Can't say she hasn't warned me

Beautiful Life

i wanna live in love, not lavish

Look at every single star 'fore they vanish

Shooting or otherwise, the view from a mother's eyes

If life got any better, i prolly couldn't stand it

So imma keep on climbing, ascension is the key

i'm in a new dimension when you're standin next to me

i smelled the scent of cinnamon inside a gentle summer breeze

A pleasant sentiment was sent to me

This life was meant to be

So hold my hand, let's take a leap love

You see em smiling when they see us

And me, i'm just happy you're alive

i see galaxies everytime i look inside your eyes

A butterfly landed on your arm and you smiled

Resembling a dream inside the mind of Oscar Wilde

i think the sunlight just follows you around

Every movement, every sound

They can never keep you down

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